Microsoft to increase safety of Outlook

Microsoft is all set to enhance the hotmail / outlook by increasing the safety of the account. This update and advancement of security done by the outlook is done because of the security concerns. With various securities it fights over with phishing attacks that are normal these days. Microsoft already has many security systems in outlook and has launched two more security system updates for the mail service of outlook that is hotmail mail service.

It is believed by outlook that new and new customers are joining outlook daily with them certain attacks are also increasing by launching this update it want to assure user that he/she is safe on hotmail. Such that they can enjoy tension free experience on hotmail. These hotmail updates are carried out by Microsoft so as to enhance the experience of users online.

outlook security

Two new hotmail security systems are:

Microsoft recently updated two new security systems in Outlook which are New DMARC and EV Certificates. DMARC that is Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance and EV Certificates that is Extended Validation Certificates helps Microsoft to protect users against phishing attacks such that DMARC helps in protecting of sending of mails. It enhances the mail services by giving valuable information about various mails coming from different domain. With DMARC senders can receive reports related to mails. It can also receive details about the traffic for mailing id such that irrelevant id’s and mails can be reported.

EV Certificates are specialized security systems that are designed to protect users from phishing attacks. The EV Certificates are based on a web site that wants to be a company and the reality is not as that explained by the Microsoft

EV Certificates security system support is created by Sky Drive and other Microsoft services. All the hotmail, outlook and Live clients receive same level of protection with the security system update of outlook. That is irrelevant of account on various platform of outlook with these update every user will be profited. We must say that users and must update to as soon as possible so they can enjoy these new features of security.

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