How to block spam mail in hotmail account?

If you are a hotmail user than you must familiar with the loads of spam mail that collect into your inbox every day while only a few of these emails goes rightly in your spam mail folder. Spam mail creates a major issue for you because it gets mixed with your important e-mails, and it can be terribly confusing once it becomes too littered. But don’t worry, Hotmail already has fairly powerful anti-spam filters, and any messages you find in your Spam folder is safely left there. With good email habits and regular reporting, you can stop the spam mail in your Hotmail account.

Following some of these steps to block spam mail:

Method 1

  • Visit Hotmail web address and sign into your account.
  • Click on the “Options” link at the top right side corner of the main screen then click on the “More Options” button at the bottom of the box.
  • Under the “Junk email” section, click on “Safe and blocked senders” link.

Safe and blocked senders setting

  • Here you can see the three links of Safe Senders, Safe Mailing Lists, or Blocked Senders then click on any one of them.
  • Enter the email address you’d like to add to any of the three lists in Step 4 and then click the “Add To List” button. Such as you can add the other email address in this field.

block spam mail

For remove individuals and lists, click on the “Remove from list” under the added email list button.

Method 2

  • Click on the “Options” button from your main Hotmail web address once you sign in.
  • Click under the “Junk email” section on the link that reads “Filters and reporting” heading found on the more options page.

junk email setting

  • Here you can see the two option of “Standard and Exclusive” While you can select one of the first two buttons to better filter your account.

Filters and reporting mail setting

  • Scroll to the “Delete junk email” heading you can select to send all junk mail to the junk folder or to delete the messages right away.
  • Scroll to the “Report junk messages” section. You can select to report spam emails automatically or to not report those messages.
  • Click the “Save” button at the bottom right part of the page.

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Hotmail with its updated Features

Hotmail update feature

Hotmail features are always very friendly and helpful for users. With this ultimate hotmail feature using of hotmail and its related services becomes very easy. Anyone who has an online hotmail account can use all thus updated features and services any time he is login to his hotmail account online. Many a times it happens that hotmail update its features but users hardly know about them. Outlook suggests its users to keep a track over the hotmail update and to adopt these changes for enjoying enhanced and advanced hotmail services. From various hotmail features here are some of the features of hotmail:

Active Views is an approach to review data right in Hotmail, with the goal that you don’t need to go to another site to see the photographs, watch the recordings, or discover where your folder any where hotmail provides this feature.

Microsoft is endeavoring to coordinate long range interpersonal communication highlights into its different services. The most recent updation of Windows Live Messenger as of now supports Facebook talk and now they have incorporated it in Windows Live Hotmail also.

Email is the most prominent spot to share photographs online with friends. With 1.5 billion pictures shared every month on Hotmail alone it is one of the best platforms for photo sharing also. But due to the size limit it became a long process to mail the photographs. Now, Hotmail turned into the principal administration to let you to send several vast photographs for every email this can be up to 10 GB of photographs for every email. By sharing them as new picture album on Sky Drive you can allow long image attachments.

Now the people can save their time with the latest feature of hotmail by viewing Hulu and YouTube videos inside any email containing a connection to content on those websites. In this update they are including support for two more incredible video destinations – Daily motion and

The new Hotmail also gives you a chance to make and organize folders so that you can manage your mails making it quicker to find any important message you have save in any of the mail folders.

These features of hotmail make it more productive for users. With this features now hotmail user can enjoy enhanced hotmail. This will save their time and will make their work easier. Even in cases you are in hotmail problem you can take instant help from hotmail customer service support contact number.

hotmail customer service

Some important aspects of updated Outlook by Microsoft

Recently few months ago Microsoft launched an option to upgrade to outlook from hotmail. Some of the hotmail users also shifted to new outlook application and some continued with the previous version. With the new advanced up gradation it was clear that Microsoft wants to offer a lot more with new enhanced outlook.

Some of the users who shifted to the newer version of outlook expressed the interest to return back to the previous version of hotmail as they were used to it and new outlook was something different and a little harder to learn at initial. But to this Microsoft did not provided any switch to return back to  hotmail and in few months of this updating Microsoft itself took the complete responsibility of upgrading all existing hotmail account to outlook account. With this it wants to maximize the ease of use of its users.

Outlook email support

With this update Microsoft launched many interesting features and upgraded the existing hotmail in a whole new format. With this Microsoft pushed over 400 million active hotmail users to accounts. When came out of preview in February, it already had more than 60 million active accounts. However, Hotmail was still one of the most widely used services, with over 300 million active accounts. As a completing upgrade Microsoft migrated 150 petabytes of email in just 6 weeks. With this it was also important for Microsoft to make sure that upgrading of all mail boxes and its information were done carefully such that they do not leave behind any of the mail, calendar, contacts, folders and personal preferences. With all the update Microsoft has ensured that nothing is compromised or left behind and high quality expectation were achieved.

With this updates Microsoft has evolved and updated many features in the new outlook such that user can easily identify the difference in the two. The new version is a clean version with more specified mails and other apps, with this your content appears at center and in front, information is in organized manner so that you can easily see what’s most important. Other than this it also has large display and enhanced visual aesthetic.

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