With Microsoft Sky drive attach file up to 10 G

Sky Drive is the former name of a personal cloud storage service from Microsoft. It enables customers to store their important information online that can be access anywhere where there is an availability of internet and where an outlook or any Microsoft account can be opened. As and when any hotmail user sign in to its account he can access all the information which he has stored online on Sky drive from his account.

Hotmail SkyDrive Documents

The best part of Sky drive is that it can attach a file up to 10 GB. As per the Latest news from hotmail now a user can attach up to 10 GB free file. This has been possible with Sky drive that they now get capability of attaching a file or files have arrived up to 10 GB.

Some years ago it was almost impossible to send or receive file that were of some 50, 100 or 200 MB but now if you would like to share an on line file that weighted even more than this than you can send it with Sky Drive. For this you just need to mega upload it with your account. This feature which had made everything so easy was not that easy to use for most users before some years and now it easy and friendly.

With this facility of Sky drive provided by Hotmail it gives an ultimate capability of a small hard drive on which you can store or save any kind of information online and then you can access it from anywhere and can have the possibility of even sending it to your contacts.

Any user who already has a registered account on Microsoft or outlook can access Sky drive with their hotmail account and with this you can upload a file that weights over 25mb also. By this idea, hotmail is trying to recover users that have migrated to other platforms like Gmail, which was the first mail to offer extra storage space.

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How i can add an image in my hotmail signature?

As we all know that millions of people, mostly prefer a simple graphical user interface where emailing as well as communicating is quite easier. There are so many ultimate benefits which actually make our work easy as well as convenient and emailing services are one among them. There are mostly email customers among which Hotmail is surely one of the best.

Hotmail is mostly used for sending and receiving mails online for personal as well as professional mails. When a hotmail user sends any mail he had options with which he can add his signature so that whenever a mail is sent, the receiver will automatically receive a signature with the email and now with entire new features and facilities of hotmail you can also add a picture to your signature.

Images are very helpful to make your post, email and content interesting, so if you want to add an image to your signature you need to follow these steps which are given below:

  • Move the picture to a web site or server.
  • Open Hotmail web-address.
  • Sign into your hotmail account with password or email address which fill at the time of creating a hotmail account.
  • Click down the gear icon which is shown on the right hand side corner and then again click “Options” link.

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  • Next, click on “email signature” option.
  • Now add an image by clicking on the previous one and then move it to the signature one.

Add image in hotmail signature

Now process is complete.

Image can be moved or edited and you can add as many images as you wish. By adding images to the mails at the signature your receiver can differentiate between the emails and can get particular idea from where they are receiving the mails.

If in case hotmail users do not get the exact support from the online available information they can communicate with the hotmail customer service support center by phone number. If you are not clear about the information and need more clear help you can call the third party hotmail technical support contact number 0800-410-1016 and you will be answered by the executive in an appropriate manner so that you get proper solution to your hotmail problem.

How to prevent yourself from being cheated with Outlook.com

Outlook is a user friendly service providing company. People from all around the world uses outlook for both personal as well as professional uses but sometimes people receives mails that are unusual. This frustrates them and they do not want these mails to disturb their normal working on outlook. This mail messages are sent from companies that resembles the name outlook. Users often feel that these mails are actually sent from outlook itself. These mails try to receive certain personal information from users. Always remember not to reply such mails in any case. Outlook is a well known name and it will never ask for personal information of its users for any means.

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This mail messages are sent from Cyber hackers. These Cyber hackers send mail messages with the name of known companies like Outlook.com and Microsoft. These people steal the names of such companies so as to get personal data and accounts details for their personal use. The hotmail users must be aware of such mails and whenever you receive such an Outlook.com mail asking for personal information never reply.

It is very important to remember that in any case Outlook.com or Microsoft will never require any personal information and for this purpose they will never send any kind of such emails.

Till date many hotmail users have complaint that they have received a Microsoft mail asking for their personal information like their password, account details etc so as to validate their account. These emails are usually sent by cyber hackers and are sent for the purpose of cheating users and to steal their sensitive information so as to use them in an inappropriate manner in future with this they want access to account through passwords or to access bank account with credit cards numbers, etc.

  1. One should be alert if they receive any of such mails:Emails that ask you for any details related to your bank account, credit card detail etc. Never reply, as Microsoft never asks for such information.
  2. Never download the attached file sent with the name of Microsoft or outlook as mails sent by Microsoft never includes attached files. These files are viruses to get your private information.

If you want to any help regarding hotmail or outlook account you can call on our Hotmail support number and get the solution of your all problems instantly.