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Hotmail is a mail service provide by Microsoft. Hotmail is the most trusted email service and thus it is used widely in many organizations. Outlook takes cares for the security of its customer and thus it is used for sending and receiving professional mails by firms in big and famous companies. Other than this hotmail is also used worldwide for personal mail transfer.

Anyone who wishes to use hotmail mail service must have an online account on hotmail or on Microsoft. Anyone can easily create a hotmail mail by completing the registration process. After this every time you want to use hotmail mail service you need to login in to your account. A hotmail user can login by a hotmail id and password.

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To maintain a secure login and use over hotmail one must take care of several aspects. One must keep a strong password. One must remember it and should change it after fix interval of time so that a hotmail hacker can never hack your account.

To keep a secured password follows these rules:

  1. Minimum length of hotmail Passwords must be at least8 characters.
  2. The maximum number of characters allowed in hotmail password is 16.
  3. A hotmail password must contain at least two of this: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  4. Unlike in other mail service in hotmail a new password can be the same as a previous one.
  5. Use combination of lowercase & uppercase letters, numbers and symbols for a strong password

 To restore forgotten password:

  1. Go to hotmail account
  2. Click on can’t access my account option
  3. Then enter the reason for Why can’t you sign in
  4. Now select I forgot my password option and then click next.
  5. Now enter Microsoft account and then enter the Captcha code.
  6. In a new page select Reset your password option.
  7. Now choose the new strong password
  8. And process is completed

To change hotmail password:

  1. Open hotmail mail account
  2. Then Click hotmail password change option of hotmail
  3. Click on reason for change of your password then click next.
  4. After this enters the email address that you entered at the time of making of your Microsoft account.
  5. Enter the Captcha code then click next.
  6. After this in a new screen enter your new password and click next
  7. And then password is changed. From next time you need to login with your new password.

How Can I Get Back My Old Hotmail Password?

Hotmail is a free Web-based email service that allows you to manage, search, send and receive messages through your e-mail. It provides many helpful features, including a calendar tool, auto-checking of new messages, auto-saving of drafts, drag-and-drop functionality similar to that of many other e-mail users.

If you are changing your Microsoft Hotmail password in regular basis which it is important. But sometimes changing passwords regularly also increases the likelihood of losing your password. In case, if you have forgotten your password, you need to get back your old hotmail password then don’t panic, you can easily recover your password from troubleshooting methods associated with the email address or the phone number. Follow these steps which are given below:

To recover your Hotmail password:

Open your web browser and go to Hotmail website. Press on “can’t access your account?” which is shown on the right side of the page.

hotmail support

Select “forgot my password” option then click next. Enter your email address or phone number and security verification code then click next.

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Choose one troubleshooting method associated with your email address or the phone number then click on next button. Verify your reset password link which is sending on your recovery email or phone.

hotmail helpline

Type your old password that was previously used with the account or you can create a new password.

change hotmail password

This completes the process of password recovery. You can use your old password now whenever you Login to your Hotmail account.

After this process if your issue is not resolved and there is no other way to reset or recover your Hotmail account password then you can contact on Hotmail phone number 0800 410 1016.

Hotmail Reset password

Reset hotmail password: IN case you have forgotten your password and need to reset it firstly click the link of hotmail reset password and then it will ask you to enter your email id after which it will ask some security question, answer them correctly.  The answer must be based on answer entered at the time of creation of account.

Hotmail password reset

After all this steps you can reset your password, the last step is to confirm your details you entered and then update your account.