With Microsoft Sky drive attach file up to 10 G

Sky Drive is the former name of a personal cloud storage service from Microsoft. It enables customers to store their important information online that can be access anywhere where there is an availability of internet and where an outlook or any Microsoft account can be opened. As and when any hotmail user sign in to its account he can access all the information which he has stored online on Sky drive from his account.

Hotmail SkyDrive Documents

The best part of Sky drive is that it can attach a file up to 10 GB. As per the Latest news from hotmail now a user can attach up to 10 GB free file. This has been possible with Sky drive that they now get capability of attaching a file or files have arrived up to 10 GB.

Some years ago it was almost impossible to send or receive file that were of some 50, 100 or 200 MB but now if you would like to share an on line file that weighted even more than this than you can send it with Sky Drive. For this you just need to mega upload it with your account. This feature which had made everything so easy was not that easy to use for most users before some years and now it easy and friendly.

With this facility of Sky drive provided by Hotmail it gives an ultimate capability of a small hard drive on which you can store or save any kind of information online and then you can access it from anywhere and can have the possibility of even sending it to your contacts.

Any user who already has a registered account on Microsoft or outlook can access Sky drive with their hotmail account and with this you can upload a file that weights over 25mb also. By this idea, hotmail is trying to recover users that have migrated to other platforms like Gmail, which was the first mail to offer extra storage space.

Hotmail technical support

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What is hotmail?


Hotmail.com is a free online email service from Microsoft. Hotmail is considered as one of the world’s first web mail services. This email service from Microsoft was established in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in Mountain View and headquartered in Sunnyvale. Hotmail had more than 100 million clients and had become a most famous web mail services available.

The main reason behind Hotmail getting acknowledged by a large number of users was the way that, it was free of cost and had features that were truly helpful. It was a free email service with accompanied functionalities that were easy to utilize and implement. It permitted clients to read and send email wherever there is Internet access.

A hotmail mail can be used and accessed by signing in to it. Anyone who has a hotmail id and password can sign in, to use hotmail mail service. If you do not have an account you can register to hotmail mail account. Once you are in to your mail account you can send and receive mails in all parts of world using this service.

Hotmail customer support

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Hotmail support for Sending and receiving mail issues

Hotmail email is one of the most significant and best services used by one and all. It is widely used in all part of the world. It provides various features and services for his users. However, Hotmail users always look forward to send and receive mail through the outlook services. If a user suffers any problem in sending and receiving of hotmail emails, that means it is a big issue for you.

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If there is an issue in hotmail while sending and receiving then you want to make sure that you do not exceed the limit of sending of mails by your hotmail email. Microsoft has stiff rules on the quantity of sending and receiving of mails if this is ok than there can be another drawback.  In case you are exceeding the limit you can reduce the junk mails received and sent by you. By adding a phone number one can enjoy the maximum limit of sending and receiving of mail as a result of this make sure that you are not a spammer.

There can also be an issue of mail server or network because of which you are facing mail sending and receiving problem for this you need to check the internet connection and then retry it.

If in case your hotmail is sending mails that you haven’t sent than it should be a issue of hacked account. If your friends complain that they are receiving spam emails and you know that you have not sent this emails then this mails should be sent by some other person who have hacked your account. These mails can often be checked in sent folder. If this happens you should quickly change your hotmail password so that no one can get access to your account in future.

If you are suffering some other sending receiving email problem in hotmail and do not have the solution for it, then you can immediately call our Hotmail technical support phone number 0800-310-1044 and you will be answered by the technician in an appropriate manner so that you get exactly the same solution according to your hotmail issue. We are always sitting for your help.

Why to choose outlook?

People from all around the world widely use outlook. Recently when hotmail switched to outlook it added many more users to it. We all know that Outlook has millions and millions of users but very few of us are actually aware that why people choose outlook. Do you know that outlook is the most trusted mail service?Outlook email support

It is a trusted mail service selected for sending and receiving of professional mails. It is used by top authorities and big firms for their official use. Millions of personal mails are also sent by users with hotmail. Hotmail has gained so much popularity from years that is the most selected mail solution and is widely used over other mails services like Gmail etc.

But why people choose outlook over other mail services?

It is because of its ultimate features that it is widely used all around the globe. It is also because it provides a user friendly mail services that also maintains privacy. Some of the ultimate features of outlook are:

  1. Provides efficient communication – Outlook is the most trusted mail service for sending and receiving of mails in all parts of world.
  2. Enables organization – When used in firms various things can be planned via outlook that includes meeting setup, work schedule setting, conference calls, online meetings etc.
  3. Integration across – calendars and contacts – One can use calendars and contacts for maximum ease. With calendar you can manage your days and can get notification. With contacts you can maintain contacts details of colleagues and you can also add their personal information in that.
  4. Offline access to mails – With other mails you cannot manage mails offline but with outlook you can send emails, delete email offline and this entire task will automatically be done by outlook whenever you get an internet access.
  5. Managing of mails – With outlook you can manage your emails as per your wish. You can keep them in alphabetical order or can simply search them through advanced search option of outlook. You can also maintain multiple folders and can shift relevant mails in that relevant folder for further use.
  6. Set email priorities – With outlook you can decide the priority of mails like you can flag it to make it attentive when you enter next time to your mail. You can also mark some important email as unread so that you can read it further.

If you are facing any outlook or hotmail email problem then hotmail provides much options to solve your all problem. If you are now not clear in regards to the understanding and want to extra clear help that you can dial the hotmail contact support phone number and you will be solution by the hotmail service support technician in a proper manner such that you get instant support to your hotmail problems.

Microsoft to increase safety of Outlook

Microsoft is all set to enhance the hotmail / outlook by increasing the safety of the account. This update and advancement of security done by the outlook is done because of the security concerns. With various securities it fights over with phishing attacks that are normal these days. Microsoft already has many security systems in outlook and has launched two more security system updates for the mail service of outlook that is hotmail mail service.

It is believed by outlook that new and new customers are joining outlook daily with them certain attacks are also increasing by launching this update it want to assure user that he/she is safe on hotmail. Such that they can enjoy tension free experience on hotmail. These hotmail updates are carried out by Microsoft so as to enhance the experience of users online.

outlook security

Two new hotmail security systems are:

Microsoft recently updated two new security systems in Outlook which are New DMARC and EV Certificates. DMARC that is Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance and EV Certificates that is Extended Validation Certificates helps Microsoft to protect Outlook.com users against phishing attacks such that DMARC helps in protecting of sending of mails. It enhances the mail services by giving valuable information about various mails coming from different domain. With DMARC senders can receive reports related to mails. It can also receive details about the traffic for mailing id such that irrelevant id’s and mails can be reported.

EV Certificates are specialized security systems that are designed to protect users from phishing attacks. The EV Certificates are based on a web site that wants to be a company and the reality is not as that explained by the Microsoft

EV Certificates security system support is created by Sky Drive and other Microsoft services. All the hotmail, outlook and Live clients receive same level of protection with the security system update of outlook. That is irrelevant of account on various platform of outlook with these update every user will be profited. We must say that Live.com users and Hotmail.com must update to Outlook.com as soon as possible so they can enjoy these new features of security.

Moreover, get more information you can contact Hotmail customer service center or you can directly communicate our hotmail support expert by Hotmail helpline number UK 0800-410-1016 and get best help in minimum time.

Want to see my recovery phone number in Hotmail or Outlook account?

Hotmail is among the best free web based email service. It provides reliable security & support for his users. If you have forgotten your password and email address than hotmail offer’s an option for fixing your problem either by recovery phone number or email address which you have added while creating your Hotmail account.

However, if don’t remember your recovery phone number which you have added at the time of making your Hotmail account and now you want to see your recovery phone number in your hotmail account then don’t worry you can follow these some simple steps which are given below:

Step 1: Open the hotmail web address and login into your account then go to “Account setting” which is show on the upper right hand side corner and click on it.

hotmail email support

Step 2: Under the Outlook navigation bar, Click on “Security & privacy” then click on more security setting option.

hotmail help


Step 3: Select an email verification method then enter your alternate email address which you have given while making your account and click the Send Code.

hotmail email help


Step 4: Verify your email using the link which you have received in your alternate email account then click submit then process is done now you can see your recovery phone number.

hotmail email verification code

Tip: Then you will see a page where you can make changes to your account settings. Now click on add security info to add your mobile number and choose whether you want to receive codes through text or through voice.

To get various help related to your Hotmail account like forget password reset, change weak password, resolution blocked account and other technical support you can contact Hotmail Helpline Number 0800 410 1016. We are here to provide you the solutions for your entire Hotmail problems whether these problems are big or small we can provide you the optimum solution for all your queries.

How to add a mobile phone number in Hotmail/Outlook Account

If you are unable to login into Hotmail/Outlook account or anyone else using your account then it creates a massive issue, particularly with Hotmail accounts. Having a mobile phone number or recovery email address helps us instantly confirm our identity using a verification email link or a text message sent on our registered mobile number so you can get back into your accounts.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t add a mobile phone number to your hotmail/outlook account when you first signed up then it’s creates a big issue for you when you forgot your password but it can be resolved as you can easily add a phone number in your account by using this simple steps which are given below:

Step 1:

Sign in into your hotmail/outlook email account and click on “Account setting” option.

hotmail contact number

Step 2:

Click on “Security & privacy” and again click on “more security settings”.

hotmail helpline

Step 3:

Yet after this select the option for add phone number.

hotmail contact support number

Step 4:

Enter your phone number and country code and click on next button.

hotmail phone number

Step 5:

Enter the code that was sent to your newly selected phone and click on next button and process done.

hotmail helpline number

If you are suffering any problem regarding hotmail account you can dial the hotmail contact number 0800 410 1016 or contact on hotmail technical support number. We are available every time for you help.


How to access Hotmail email account on Android phone or tablet?

Hotmail is one of the most famous email services online which is widely used by the people all across the world for managing their complete task for their personal and non-personal purpose. In present time, most of the peoples are connected with their phone or tablet rather then laptops or computers. There is good news for hotmail users because Microsoft office has recently launched a hotmail Android app. If you are using an android mobile then you can also access your hotmail account on your phone or tablet.

If you got the hotmail Android app then you can receive instant email updates from your hotmail account directly on your phone/mobile. This can be done by following few simple steps:

  • First, go to the Google play store.
  • Next click the spyglass/Google search bar in the top of the play store.
  • Now type in “hotmail” and press enter button.

Hotmail support number

  • After that you need to choose hotmail option with the orange envelope icon.hotmail help
  • Download the hotmail app with “install
  • Now click on hotmail app which shows on your phone screen.

hotmail helpline


  • Make the hotmail account by clicking “sign up” button and then adding your address.

Hotmail contact number


This completes the process of setting up of your hotmail account. You can use this email account on your phone. After this you can use your hotmail account anytime anywhere.

If you want any help regarding hotmail email account then you can contact us our hotmail customer service number.