Hotmail changes over to outlook

Changes are little difficult to adopt. People often restrict to change. But one should remember that changes are for good. Like the change in hotmail. Microsoft recently changes its hotmail services to outlook. With hundreds of negative reviews on the internet and few being positive many people said no to this change. Many of them expressed their wish to return back to the previous version of hotmail but this time this was not possible. As no return button was there with outlook once you have switch from the older version to the newer version.


Recently a switch was provided by Microsoft that allows hotmail users to switch to outlook. Many of them who press this switch expressed the interest to return back to hotmail but Microsoft did not provided service for returning back to previous hotmail services. This is because outlook has taken over hotmail successfully. This advancement was done by Microsoft with a motive of providing best and advanced services to all outlook users.

The current outlook has many more features as compared to the previous version of hotmail. Before the switch was used to bring users from hotmail to outlook but now Microsoft has completely transformed all the hotmail account automatically to outlook for better experience. With this it has also carried forward all the stored information from the previous account to the new outlook account. This includes all contact, mails, calendar and events etc.

This advancement which was firstly regretted by users have now started gaining popularity, people has started liking the change and adopting it on the same hand. As per recent news now has 400 million users and this is possible only because of this update. Many of them have also migrated from Gmail and now the active user of outlook is 25 million.

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