How Can I Get Back My Old Hotmail Password?

Hotmail is a free Web-based email service that allows you to manage, search, send and receive messages through your e-mail. It provides many helpful features, including a calendar tool, auto-checking of new messages, auto-saving of drafts, drag-and-drop functionality similar to that of many other e-mail users.

If you are changing your Microsoft Hotmail password in regular basis which it is important. But sometimes changing passwords regularly also increases the likelihood of losing your password. In case, if you have forgotten your password, you need to get back your old hotmail password then don’t panic, you can easily recover your password from troubleshooting methods associated with the email address or the phone number. Follow these steps which are given below:

To recover your Hotmail password:

Open your web browser and go to Hotmail website. Press on “can’t access your account?” which is shown on the right side of the page.

hotmail support

Select “forgot my password” option then click next. Enter your email address or phone number and security verification code then click next.

Hotmail email help

Choose one troubleshooting method associated with your email address or the phone number then click on next button. Verify your reset password link which is sending on your recovery email or phone.

hotmail helpline

Type your old password that was previously used with the account or you can create a new password.

change hotmail password

This completes the process of password recovery. You can use your old password now whenever you Login to your Hotmail account.

After this process if your issue is not resolved and there is no other way to reset or recover your Hotmail account password then you can contact on Hotmail phone number 0800 410 1016.

Hotmail or Outlook????

Is a Hotmail account a Microsoft account?

Hotmail was always the part of Outlook which was governed and run over by Microsoft. With the recent update by Microsoft It has been announced on Thursday that Microsoft has taken over Hotmail  successfully. It has transferred all users to that is Microsoft account.


Hotmail or Outlook

Hotmail or Outlook

What is the advantage of the step?

After Microsoft took over upon Hotmail marking the end of the once-mighty free email service had become possible. It is because of this migration, that has completed in about six weeks to finish, now has more than 400 million active users which was not possible with Hotmail account.


Is hotmail the same as Outlook?

Outlook is Hotmail such that every one need to switch to Outlook from Hotmail and there is no option of switching back to Hotmail account. Your Hotmail address and password, saved emails, contacts, calendars, and rules were automatically moved to your new inbox.

Tips and Tricks for Microsoft’s New

It is a fact that all Hotmail users will eventually be migrated to

To use it perfectly you can follow various tips and tricks:


outlook tips

outlook tips

1.    Create Email Aliases – It is good to use multiple email address for different things. You can email alias to use it for different purposes so that your identity is preserved and data is secured.

2.    Use SkyDrive for Large Attachments – Try to attach a large file to an email with SkyDrive. This makes it easy to send large files to multiple people or share files with people that may not have room for them in their email inbox.

3.    Sweep Emails – Use the sweep feature of hotmail. It allows you to quickly clean up your inbox and keep it tidy.

4.    Create Rules – Try using filters and rules for managing the hotmail mails.  Just select Manage Rules in the Sweep menu for doing this.

5.    Use Keyboard Shortcuts – supports a variety of keyboard shortcuts. Click Keyboard shortcuts on the more mail settings screen to customize this.

6.    View Content From Twitter & Facebook – Click the Content from third-party networks link on the More mail settings to link to Twitter or Facebook accounts with this You’ll be able to see social updates and tweets from your contacts right on

Hotmail help to Upgrade to Email Account?

Hotmail help to Upgrade from Existing Hotmail Account you need a Hotmail account.

After you login to your hotmail account you can switch to new outlook Email account.  Microsoft has introduced a new email service called “” which comes with many interesting features. So as to acquire this service a hotmail user needs to follow certain steps which are as follows:

Method 1: By Adding an Alias to your Account   – Log into your email account and then  click on Create an Outlook alias It’ll open the page where you can create an alias by entering Email address then click on Create an alias button, elect the desired option and click on “Done” button. You account will be upgraded after this.

Hotmail to Outlook

Hotmail to Outlook

Method 2: By Renaming your Account – Log into your email account and then click on Rename your email address enter your desired email and click on Save button your Hotmail account will be renamed to account.

Hotmail Reset password

Reset hotmail password: IN case you have forgotten your password and need to reset it firstly click the link of hotmail reset password and then it will ask you to enter your email id after which it will ask some security question, answer them correctly.  The answer must be based on answer entered at the time of creation of account.

Hotmail password reset

After all this steps you can reset your password, the last step is to confirm your details you entered and then update your account.

How to add a mobile phone number in Hotmail/Outlook Account

If you are unable to login into Hotmail/Outlook account or anyone else using your account then it creates a massive issue, particularly with Hotmail accounts. Having a mobile phone number or recovery email address helps us instantly confirm our identity using a verification email link or a text message sent on our registered mobile number so you can get back into your accounts.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t add a mobile phone number to your hotmail/outlook account when you first signed up then it’s creates a big issue for you when you forgot your password but it can be resolved as you can easily add a phone number in your account by using this simple steps which are given below:

Step 1:

Sign in into your hotmail/outlook email account and click on “Account setting” option.

hotmail contact number

Step 2:

Click on “Security & privacy” and again click on “more security settings”.

hotmail helpline

Step 3:

Yet after this select the option for add phone number.

hotmail contact support number

Step 4:

Enter your phone number and country code and click on next button.

hotmail phone number

Step 5:

Enter the code that was sent to your newly selected phone and click on next button and process done.

hotmail helpline number

If you are suffering any problem regarding hotmail account you can dial the hotmail contact number 0800 410 1016 or contact on hotmail technical support number. We are available every time for you help.


How to access Hotmail email account on Android phone or tablet?

Hotmail is one of the most famous email services online which is widely used by the people all across the world for managing their complete task for their personal and non-personal purpose. In present time, most of the peoples are connected with their phone or tablet rather then laptops or computers. There is good news for hotmail users because Microsoft office has recently launched a hotmail Android app. If you are using an android mobile then you can also access your hotmail account on your phone or tablet.

If you got the hotmail Android app then you can receive instant email updates from your hotmail account directly on your phone/mobile. This can be done by following few simple steps:

  • First, go to the Google play store.
  • Next click the spyglass/Google search bar in the top of the play store.
  • Now type in “hotmail” and press enter button.

Hotmail support number

  • After that you need to choose hotmail option with the orange envelope help
  • Download the hotmail app with “install
  • Now click on hotmail app which shows on your phone screen.

hotmail helpline


  • Make the hotmail account by clicking “sign up” button and then adding your address.

Hotmail contact number


This completes the process of setting up of your hotmail account. You can use this email account on your phone. After this you can use your hotmail account anytime anywhere.

If you want any help regarding hotmail email account then you can contact us our hotmail customer service number.

Sign in Problems in Hotmail/Outlook Account

Solution for Forgotten Hotmail password and other sign-in problems

To recover forgotten hotmail password you need to reset your password:

Forgotten Hotmail password

Forgotten Hotmail password


1. Click on Reset Hotmail password link.
2. Select the option for hotmail password reset and then click Next.
3. Enter the desired email address.
4. Enter the captcha code, then click Next.