Outlook application is now free for Android and iOS users

When last year Microsoft office launched this mobile operating system then the popular email program wasn’t available for Android and iOS. However that is changing now because Microsoft office just included a vital missing piece for huge amounts of Android and iOS users.

These new Outlook applications are the good news for peoples who use Microsoft exchange for email, because it will make it simple to get to the majority of your message on your Android and Apple device. The application is not only for outlook or Hotmail because they also support other famous email services like Gmail and Yahoo mail.
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In Google play store now free outlook app is available for android and not for the apple iOS versions but they will be available soon. Rather than designing the Android and iOS versions of Outlook itself, Microsoft based them off of an application called Accompli that it purchased toward the end of a last year. The Outlook application will include the same basic email and calendar services that users are used to. But, they won’t seem to be identical to the computer version of the program.

Microsoft is sure that the Outlook application will speak to a wide range of people varying from business people with a large number of emails to an average micro everyday user.


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