Hotmail support for Sending and receiving mail issues

Hotmail email is one of the most significant and best services used by one and all. It is widely used in all part of the world. It provides various features and services for his users. However, Hotmail users always look forward to send and receive mail through the outlook services. If a user suffers any problem in sending and receiving of hotmail emails, that means it is a big issue for you.

Hotmail helpline number uk

If there is an issue in hotmail while sending and receiving then you want to make sure that you do not exceed the limit of sending of mails by your hotmail email. Microsoft has stiff rules on the quantity of sending and receiving of mails if this is ok than there can be another drawback.  In case you are exceeding the limit you can reduce the junk mails received and sent by you. By adding a phone number one can enjoy the maximum limit of sending and receiving of mail as a result of this make sure that you are not a spammer.

There can also be an issue of mail server or network because of which you are facing mail sending and receiving problem for this you need to check the internet connection and then retry it.

If in case your hotmail is sending mails that you haven’t sent than it should be a issue of hacked account. If your friends complain that they are receiving spam emails and you know that you have not sent this emails then this mails should be sent by some other person who have hacked your account. These mails can often be checked in sent folder. If this happens you should quickly change your hotmail password so that no one can get access to your account in future.

If you are suffering some other sending receiving email problem in hotmail and do not have the solution for it, then you can immediately call our Hotmail technical support phone number 0800-310-1044 and you will be answered by the technician in an appropriate manner so that you get exactly the same solution according to your hotmail issue. We are always sitting for your help.


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