Hotmail help to Upgrade to Email Account?

Hotmail help to Upgrade from Existing Hotmail Account you need a Hotmail account.

After you login to your hotmail account you can switch to new outlook Email account.  Microsoft has introduced a new email service called “” which comes with many interesting features. So as to acquire this service a hotmail user needs to follow certain steps which are as follows:

Method 1: By Adding an Alias to your Account   – Log into your email account and then  click on Create an Outlook alias It’ll open the page where you can create an alias by entering Email address then click on Create an alias button, elect the desired option and click on “Done” button. You account will be upgraded after this.

Hotmail to Outlook

Hotmail to Outlook

Method 2: By Renaming your Account – Log into your email account and then click on Rename your email address enter your desired email and click on Save button your Hotmail account will be renamed to account.


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