Hotmail help to Upgrade to Email Account?

Hotmail help to Upgrade from Existing Hotmail Account you need a Hotmail account.

After you login to your hotmail account you can switch to new outlook Email account.  Microsoft has introduced a new email service called “” which comes with many interesting features. So as to acquire this service a hotmail user needs to follow certain steps which are as follows:

Method 1: By Adding an Alias to your Account   – Log into your email account and then  click on Create an Outlook alias It’ll open the page where you can create an alias by entering Email address then click on Create an alias button, elect the desired option and click on “Done” button. You account will be upgraded after this.

Hotmail to Outlook

Hotmail to Outlook

Method 2: By Renaming your Account – Log into your email account and then click on Rename your email address enter your desired email and click on Save button your Hotmail account will be renamed to account.

Hotmail Reset password

Reset hotmail password: IN case you have forgotten your password and need to reset it firstly click the link of hotmail reset password and then it will ask you to enter your email id after which it will ask some security question, answer them correctly.  The answer must be based on answer entered at the time of creation of account.

Hotmail password reset

After all this steps you can reset your password, the last step is to confirm your details you entered and then update your account.

How to add a mobile phone number in Hotmail/Outlook Account

If you are unable to login into Hotmail/Outlook account or anyone else using your account then it creates a massive issue, particularly with Hotmail accounts. Having a mobile phone number or recovery email address helps us instantly confirm our identity using a verification email link or a text message sent on our registered mobile number so you can get back into your accounts.

Unfortunately, if you didn’t add a mobile phone number to your hotmail/outlook account when you first signed up then it’s creates a big issue for you when you forgot your password but it can be resolved as you can easily add a phone number in your account by using this simple steps which are given below:

Step 1:

Sign in into your hotmail/outlook email account and click on “Account setting” option.

hotmail contact number

Step 2:

Click on “Security & privacy” and again click on “more security settings”.

hotmail helpline

Step 3:

Yet after this select the option for add phone number.

hotmail contact support number

Step 4:

Enter your phone number and country code and click on next button.

hotmail phone number

Step 5:

Enter the code that was sent to your newly selected phone and click on next button and process done.

hotmail helpline number

If you are suffering any problem regarding hotmail account you can dial the hotmail contact number 0800 410 1016 or contact on hotmail technical support number. We are available every time for you help.


How to access Hotmail email account on Android phone or tablet?

Hotmail is one of the most famous email services online which is widely used by the people all across the world for managing their complete task for their personal and non-personal purpose. In present time, most of the peoples are connected with their phone or tablet rather then laptops or computers. There is good news for hotmail users because Microsoft office has recently launched a hotmail Android app. If you are using an android mobile then you can also access your hotmail account on your phone or tablet.

If you got the hotmail Android app then you can receive instant email updates from your hotmail account directly on your phone/mobile. This can be done by following few simple steps:

  • First, go to the Google play store.
  • Next click the spyglass/Google search bar in the top of the play store.
  • Now type in “hotmail” and press enter button.

Hotmail support number

  • After that you need to choose hotmail option with the orange envelope help
  • Download the hotmail app with “install
  • Now click on hotmail app which shows on your phone screen.

hotmail helpline


  • Make the hotmail account by clicking “sign up” button and then adding your address.

Hotmail contact number


This completes the process of setting up of your hotmail account. You can use this email account on your phone. After this you can use your hotmail account anytime anywhere.

If you want any help regarding hotmail email account then you can contact us our hotmail customer service number.

Sign in Problems in Hotmail/Outlook Account

Solution for Forgotten Hotmail password and other sign-in problems

To recover forgotten hotmail password you need to reset your password:

Forgotten Hotmail password

Forgotten Hotmail password


1. Click on Reset Hotmail password link.
2. Select the option for hotmail password reset and then click Next.
3. Enter the desired email address.
4. Enter the captcha code, then click Next.

Outlook application is now free for Android and iOS users

When last year Microsoft office launched this mobile operating system then the popular email program wasn’t available for Android and iOS. However that is changing now because Microsoft office just included a vital missing piece for huge amounts of Android and iOS users.

These new Outlook applications are the good news for peoples who use Microsoft exchange for email, because it will make it simple to get to the majority of your message on your Android and Apple device. The application is not only for outlook or Hotmail because they also support other famous email services like Gmail and Yahoo mail.
hotmail contact number

In Google play store now free outlook app is available for android and not for the apple iOS versions but they will be available soon. Rather than designing the Android and iOS versions of Outlook itself, Microsoft based them off of an application called Accompli that it purchased toward the end of a last year. The Outlook application will include the same basic email and calendar services that users are used to. But, they won’t seem to be identical to the computer version of the program.

Microsoft is sure that the Outlook application will speak to a wide range of people varying from business people with a large number of emails to an average micro everyday user.

Get appropriate solution for all your Hotmail issues

Just dial our Toll free number 0800-410-1016


Hotmail is one of the world’s first free web based email services provided by Microsoft. It was commercially launched by the Sabeer Bhatiya and Jack Smith in July 4th 1996. Hotmail replaced with, It is used by 420 million users in the all over the world in 106 different languages. User can access there inbox anywhere in the world. It provides online free web based email services.

Hotmail contact number

You must remember login Id & password for further login in the future. But in case if you forget your password and because of some reason you are unable to access your account, you can recover your password and access your account again. The is available 24×7 for your help. You can just dial our toll free number 0800-410-1016 and known about various steps for recovering lost password of your account.

The customer service department desk of “” is to provide the various appropriate solutions for password recover & any other security issues.


Hotmail contact number UK

You need to have login Id or email Id & Password for access to the hotmail account. If you are facing any problem while accessing your account, you can directly contact our hotmail contact number UK anytime. Our tech experts provide instant and best appropriate solution of your hotmail problems and fix the issues.


Forgotten hotmail password

If you’ve forgotten hotmail password and you want to recover it, you can follow some steps Firstly, you will need to have recovery email and contact number and able to answer a few security questions about your account for verifying your identity. If you don’t remember your security questions or alternative email ID. Don’t worry about it because it is very simple to resolve your query about forgot hotmail password. For this you can follow certain steps:
1. Go to home page
2. Click on “Can’t access your account?”
3. Choose “I forgot my password”
4. Click on “Reset your password’
5. Enter your hotmail ID & Captcha as shown in the figure.
6. Click on “Next’

If you want any help, you can contact and directly speak to our tech expert and take a solution for any of your hotmail problems.


Hotmail change password

If you want to change your hotmail login password you can follow certain simple steps to resolve your problem about hotmail changed password.
1. Go to home page
2. Enter the correct hotmail ID & password
3. Go to account setting
4. Click on Security & password
5. Select “Change your password”
6. Follow steps to prove your identity.

If the user suffers any problem in any of the above processes they may call our Customer Care toll-free 0800-410-1016. Here you can speak to executives to get instant solutions to your problems. You can call the helpline number even if you face any other problem related to Hotmail services. Our objective is to enable hotmail users to work efficiently.

Call Hotmail contact number 0800-410-1016

Hotmail is one of the widely used mail services. Being a services launched by Microsoft outlook the hotmail is often used in big and famous companies in all part of world. Windows live mail feature which is offered by Microsoft is one of the most attractive features of outlook. It also provides many attractive features such as spam filtering, instant messaging and superb user interface that make it popular in corporate as well in personal uses.

It often happens that you are facing one or the other problem in hotmail for such situation you can call hotmail contact number for instant help. You can also call this 24/7 number for forgot password, lost password, account hacked, password security, need a secure password help, password compromised, password hacked and other password related issues.


Are you Facing Sign in Problems in Hotmail/Outlook Account?

No need to worry now. Hotmail provides a special feature with which you can correct any of such errors.

hotmail contact number

First of all you must try to sign in to your hotmail account. Sometimes it happens that you are login in with some other password just try the correct password with the caps lock off.


If your password is still not working than you must reset your password

To reset your password

  1. Click on the Reset your password link
    2. It will than ask you to enter the reason for resetting your password, then click Next
    3. Now you need to enter the email address that you entered while creating your Microsoft account.
    4. Now enter the code then click next.


With this you can get a new password. If you still have any problem call hotmail contact number that is available 365 days to help to resolve any password issues faced by Microsoft Hotmail users.