What is hotmail?


Hotmail.com is a free online email service from Microsoft. Hotmail is considered as one of the world’s first web mail services. This email service from Microsoft was established in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia in Mountain View and headquartered in Sunnyvale. Hotmail had more than 100 million clients and had become a most famous web mail services available.

The main reason behind Hotmail getting acknowledged by a large number of users was the way that, it was free of cost and had features that were truly helpful. It was a free email service with accompanied functionalities that were easy to utilize and implement. It permitted clients to read and send email wherever there is Internet access.

A hotmail mail can be used and accessed by signing in to it. Anyone who has a hotmail id and password can sign in, to use hotmail mail service. If you do not have an account you can register to hotmail mail account. Once you are in to your mail account you can send and receive mails in all parts of world using this service.

Hotmail customer support

Though hotmail provides extremely useful and user friendly services but in case of any hotmail problem you can the hotmail customer service contact number. By calling this hotmail helpline number 0800-410-1016 you can directly communicate our hotmail support specialist who provides the best and appropriate solution to any hotmail problem.

Hotmail support for Sending and receiving mail issues

Hotmail email is one of the most significant and best services used by one and all. It is widely used in all part of the world. It provides various features and services for his users. However, Hotmail users always look forward to send and receive mail through the outlook services. If a user suffers any problem in sending and receiving of hotmail emails, that means it is a big issue for you.

Hotmail helpline number uk

If there is an issue in hotmail while sending and receiving then you want to make sure that you do not exceed the limit of sending of mails by your hotmail email. Microsoft has stiff rules on the quantity of sending and receiving of mails if this is ok than there can be another drawback.  In case you are exceeding the limit you can reduce the junk mails received and sent by you. By adding a phone number one can enjoy the maximum limit of sending and receiving of mail as a result of this make sure that you are not a spammer.

There can also be an issue of mail server or network because of which you are facing mail sending and receiving problem for this you need to check the internet connection and then retry it.

If in case your hotmail is sending mails that you haven’t sent than it should be a issue of hacked account. If your friends complain that they are receiving spam emails and you know that you have not sent this emails then this mails should be sent by some other person who have hacked your account. These mails can often be checked in sent folder. If this happens you should quickly change your hotmail password so that no one can get access to your account in future.

If you are suffering some other sending receiving email problem in hotmail and do not have the solution for it, then you can immediately call our Hotmail technical support phone number 0800-310-1044 and you will be answered by the technician in an appropriate manner so that you get exactly the same solution according to your hotmail issue. We are always sitting for your help.

Hotmail password Help

Hotmail is a mail service provide by Microsoft. Hotmail is the most trusted email service and thus it is used widely in many organizations. Outlook takes cares for the security of its customer and thus it is used for sending and receiving professional mails by firms in big and famous companies. Other than this hotmail is also used worldwide for personal mail transfer.

Anyone who wishes to use hotmail mail service must have an online account on hotmail or on Microsoft. Anyone can easily create a hotmail mail by completing the registration process. After this every time you want to use hotmail mail service you need to login in to your account. A hotmail user can login by a hotmail id and password.

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To maintain a secure login and use over hotmail one must take care of several aspects. One must keep a strong password. One must remember it and should change it after fix interval of time so that a hotmail hacker can never hack your account.

To keep a secured password follows these rules:

  1. Minimum length of hotmail Passwords must be at least8 characters.
  2. The maximum number of characters allowed in hotmail password is 16.
  3. A hotmail password must contain at least two of this: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.
  4. Unlike in other mail service in hotmail a new password can be the same as a previous one.
  5. Use combination of lowercase & uppercase letters, numbers and symbols for a strong password

 To restore forgotten password:

  1. Go to hotmail account
  2. Click on can’t access my account option
  3. Then enter the reason for Why can’t you sign in
  4. Now select I forgot my password option and then click next.
  5. Now enter Microsoft account and then enter the Captcha code.
  6. In a new page select Reset your password option.
  7. Now choose the new strong password
  8. And process is completed

To change hotmail password:

  1. Open hotmail mail account
  2. Then Click hotmail password change option of hotmail
  3. Click on reason for change of your password then click next.
  4. After this enters the email address that you entered at the time of making of your Microsoft account.
  5. Enter the Captcha code then click next.
  6. After this in a new screen enter your new password and click next
  7. And then password is changed. From next time you need to login with your new password.

How i can add an image in my hotmail signature?

As we all know that millions of people, mostly prefer a simple graphical user interface where emailing as well as communicating is quite easier. There are so many ultimate benefits which actually make our work easy as well as convenient and emailing services are one among them. There are mostly email customers among which Hotmail is surely one of the best.

Hotmail is mostly used for sending and receiving mails online for personal as well as professional mails. When a hotmail user sends any mail he had options with which he can add his signature so that whenever a mail is sent, the receiver will automatically receive a signature with the email and now with entire new features and facilities of hotmail you can also add a picture to your signature.

Images are very helpful to make your post, email and content interesting, so if you want to add an image to your signature you need to follow these steps which are given below:

  • Move the picture to a web site or server.
  • Open Hotmail web-address.
  • Sign into your hotmail account with password or email address which fill at the time of creating a hotmail account.
  • Click down the gear icon which is shown on the right hand side corner and then again click “Options” link.

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  • Next, click on “email signature” option.
  • Now add an image by clicking on the previous one and then move it to the signature one.

Add image in hotmail signature

Now process is complete.

Image can be moved or edited and you can add as many images as you wish. By adding images to the mails at the signature your receiver can differentiate between the emails and can get particular idea from where they are receiving the mails.

If in case hotmail users do not get the exact support from the online available information they can communicate with the hotmail customer service support center by phone number. If you are not clear about the information and need more clear help you can call the third party hotmail technical support contact number 0800-410-1016 and you will be answered by the executive in an appropriate manner so that you get proper solution to your hotmail problem.

Why to choose outlook?

People from all around the world widely use outlook. Recently when hotmail switched to outlook it added many more users to it. We all know that Outlook has millions and millions of users but very few of us are actually aware that why people choose outlook. Do you know that outlook is the most trusted mail service?Outlook email support

It is a trusted mail service selected for sending and receiving of professional mails. It is used by top authorities and big firms for their official use. Millions of personal mails are also sent by users with hotmail. Hotmail has gained so much popularity from years that is the most selected mail solution and is widely used over other mails services like Gmail etc.

But why people choose outlook over other mail services?

It is because of its ultimate features that it is widely used all around the globe. It is also because it provides a user friendly mail services that also maintains privacy. Some of the ultimate features of outlook are:

  1. Provides efficient communication – Outlook is the most trusted mail service for sending and receiving of mails in all parts of world.
  2. Enables organization – When used in firms various things can be planned via outlook that includes meeting setup, work schedule setting, conference calls, online meetings etc.
  3. Integration across – calendars and contacts – One can use calendars and contacts for maximum ease. With calendar you can manage your days and can get notification. With contacts you can maintain contacts details of colleagues and you can also add their personal information in that.
  4. Offline access to mails – With other mails you cannot manage mails offline but with outlook you can send emails, delete email offline and this entire task will automatically be done by outlook whenever you get an internet access.
  5. Managing of mails – With outlook you can manage your emails as per your wish. You can keep them in alphabetical order or can simply search them through advanced search option of outlook. You can also maintain multiple folders and can shift relevant mails in that relevant folder for further use.
  6. Set email priorities – With outlook you can decide the priority of mails like you can flag it to make it attentive when you enter next time to your mail. You can also mark some important email as unread so that you can read it further.

If you are facing any outlook or hotmail email problem then hotmail provides much options to solve your all problem. If you are now not clear in regards to the understanding and want to extra clear help that you can dial the hotmail contact support phone number and you will be solution by the hotmail service support technician in a proper manner such that you get instant support to your hotmail problems.

Why is Hotmail forcing me to change my hotmail email password?

Hotmail is one of the most popular email services in all part of the world which are widely used by peoples for email sending and receiving. It is providing maximum services to its users which enable best email user experience. If hotmail users face any problem with their account then Microsoft provides best customer support experience to them.

 Hotmail force to change hotmail password:

When hotmail notice certain uncommon activity in your account that is different as those in regular use of hotmail then in such cases it feels that somebody else is victimizing your account thus it forces you to change hotmail email password.

As all hotmail users understand that hotmail account can only be login with the email id and the password. If in case you forgot your hotmail password then you will not be able to access your own hotmail account after which you will also not be able to use any of the hotmail services that may also include important hotmail mail service, but do not panic for such case hotmail offer a facility to recover the forgot password by change password option.

If your password is stolen and then other person can sign into your hotmail account and can use all your personal details or information’s then in that cases hotmail also inform the user that hotmail account has been hacked and force you to change the password immediately.

hotmail password support


Whenever you see this sort of message by hotmail instead of getting confuse merely change your password for your account safety & security.

Hotmail Change Password Support

If you want to change the hotmail password from easier way then you can dial the hotmail technical support contact number and get the best help. Here our knowledgeable and expert hotmail support technician provides you outstanding hotmail support at any instant of time.