Some important aspects of updated Outlook by Microsoft

Recently few months ago Microsoft launched an option to upgrade to outlook from hotmail. Some of the hotmail users also shifted to new outlook application and some continued with the previous version. With the new advanced up gradation it was clear that Microsoft wants to offer a lot more with new enhanced outlook.

Some of the users who shifted to the newer version of outlook expressed the interest to return back to the previous version of hotmail as they were used to it and new outlook was something different and a little harder to learn at initial. But to this Microsoft did not provided any switch to return back to  hotmail and in few months of this updating Microsoft itself took the complete responsibility of upgrading all existing hotmail account to outlook account. With this it wants to maximize the ease of use of its users.

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With this update Microsoft launched many interesting features and upgraded the existing hotmail in a whole new format. With this Microsoft pushed over 400 million active hotmail users to accounts. When came out of preview in February, it already had more than 60 million active accounts. However, Hotmail was still one of the most widely used services, with over 300 million active accounts. As a completing upgrade Microsoft migrated 150 petabytes of email in just 6 weeks. With this it was also important for Microsoft to make sure that upgrading of all mail boxes and its information were done carefully such that they do not leave behind any of the mail, calendar, contacts, folders and personal preferences. With all the update Microsoft has ensured that nothing is compromised or left behind and high quality expectation were achieved.

With this updates Microsoft has evolved and updated many features in the new outlook such that user can easily identify the difference in the two. The new version is a clean version with more specified mails and other apps, with this your content appears at center and in front, information is in organized manner so that you can easily see what’s most important. Other than this it also has large display and enhanced visual aesthetic.

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New Technologies of Hotmail

For Microsoft its customer feedback plays an important role in the development of the look and feel of its services. With this feedback it brings updates and advancement in its features, application and services. Some of the new technologies developed by Microsoft are:

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  1. Outlook Connector – Connector will help people in managing their Outlook for free, with full features.
  2. Mobile usability – With Web-enabled mobile phone customers can access their email on mobile phone also.
  3. Email client option – With additional email client option a free consumer email client will be available that will be a successor to Outlook Express.
  4. Productivity – To help maximize productivity in email Microsoft is offering new features with which Outlook will have capabilities like right-click option, drag-and-drop, preview pane customization and auto-complete addressing etc.
  5. Windows Live services – With this a customers can see if their Messenger contacts are online from their inbox itself.
  6. Storage space – Hotmail will provide storage space to their customer which they need for remaining productive in email.
  7. Email safety – Windows Hotmail is designed in a way to protect customers from potentially harmful email messages.
  8. Safety bar – When an email message will arrive after multiple safety checks the safety bar at the top will give status of the email.
  9. Improved spam protection – With one click customers can automatically delete junk email messages, block any future email messages from that sender and can report the junk email.
  10. Personalization – With Control Your View option Hotmail provides control over the look and feel of their email.

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How to prevent yourself from being cheated with

Outlook is a user friendly service providing company. People from all around the world uses outlook for both personal as well as professional uses but sometimes people receives mails that are unusual. This frustrates them and they do not want these mails to disturb their normal working on outlook. This mail messages are sent from companies that resembles the name outlook. Users often feel that these mails are actually sent from outlook itself. These mails try to receive certain personal information from users. Always remember not to reply such mails in any case. Outlook is a well known name and it will never ask for personal information of its users for any means.

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This mail messages are sent from Cyber hackers. These Cyber hackers send mail messages with the name of known companies like and Microsoft. These people steal the names of such companies so as to get personal data and accounts details for their personal use. The hotmail users must be aware of such mails and whenever you receive such an mail asking for personal information never reply.

It is very important to remember that in any case or Microsoft will never require any personal information and for this purpose they will never send any kind of such emails.

Till date many hotmail users have complaint that they have received a Microsoft mail asking for their personal information like their password, account details etc so as to validate their account. These emails are usually sent by cyber hackers and are sent for the purpose of cheating users and to steal their sensitive information so as to use them in an inappropriate manner in future with this they want access to account through passwords or to access bank account with credit cards numbers, etc.

  1. One should be alert if they receive any of such mails:Emails that ask you for any details related to your bank account, credit card detail etc. Never reply, as Microsoft never asks for such information.
  2. Never download the attached file sent with the name of Microsoft or outlook as mails sent by Microsoft never includes attached files. These files are viruses to get your private information.

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Microsoft to increase safety of Outlook

Microsoft is all set to enhance the hotmail / outlook by increasing the safety of the account. This update and advancement of security done by the outlook is done because of the security concerns. With various securities it fights over with phishing attacks that are normal these days. Microsoft already has many security systems in outlook and has launched two more security system updates for the mail service of outlook that is hotmail mail service.

It is believed by outlook that new and new customers are joining outlook daily with them certain attacks are also increasing by launching this update it want to assure user that he/she is safe on hotmail. Such that they can enjoy tension free experience on hotmail. These hotmail updates are carried out by Microsoft so as to enhance the experience of users online.

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Two new hotmail security systems are:

Microsoft recently updated two new security systems in Outlook which are New DMARC and EV Certificates. DMARC that is Domain based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance and EV Certificates that is Extended Validation Certificates helps Microsoft to protect users against phishing attacks such that DMARC helps in protecting of sending of mails. It enhances the mail services by giving valuable information about various mails coming from different domain. With DMARC senders can receive reports related to mails. It can also receive details about the traffic for mailing id such that irrelevant id’s and mails can be reported.

EV Certificates are specialized security systems that are designed to protect users from phishing attacks. The EV Certificates are based on a web site that wants to be a company and the reality is not as that explained by the Microsoft

EV Certificates security system support is created by Sky Drive and other Microsoft services. All the hotmail, outlook and Live clients receive same level of protection with the security system update of outlook. That is irrelevant of account on various platform of outlook with these update every user will be profited. We must say that users and must update to as soon as possible so they can enjoy these new features of security.

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Hotmail changes over to outlook

Changes are little difficult to adopt. People often restrict to change. But one should remember that changes are for good. Like the change in hotmail. Microsoft recently changes its hotmail services to outlook. With hundreds of negative reviews on the internet and few being positive many people said no to this change. Many of them expressed their wish to return back to the previous version of hotmail but this time this was not possible. As no return button was there with outlook once you have switch from the older version to the newer version.


Recently a switch was provided by Microsoft that allows hotmail users to switch to outlook. Many of them who press this switch expressed the interest to return back to hotmail but Microsoft did not provided service for returning back to previous hotmail services. This is because outlook has taken over hotmail successfully. This advancement was done by Microsoft with a motive of providing best and advanced services to all outlook users.

The current outlook has many more features as compared to the previous version of hotmail. Before the switch was used to bring users from hotmail to outlook but now Microsoft has completely transformed all the hotmail account automatically to outlook for better experience. With this it has also carried forward all the stored information from the previous account to the new outlook account. This includes all contact, mails, calendar and events etc.

This advancement which was firstly regretted by users have now started gaining popularity, people has started liking the change and adopting it on the same hand. As per recent news now has 400 million users and this is possible only because of this update. Many of them have also migrated from Gmail and now the active user of outlook is 25 million.

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